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This is the bigger aspect of it all, that the entities that live in our personal auras also feed into bigger entities.

There are family entities - perhaps they transfer down the line as one person dies? or perhaps they split and replicate themselves? Best to cleanse a house thoroughly when someone has died, in case their entities are now looking for someone else to hop onto! Classical music is an excellent suggestion as it is high-vibrationary. Also sage smudging, quartz crystals, amethyst, etc. Orgonite.

There must be corporate entities and in fact group-entities that form whenever you have a group of people that spend time together regularly. In astrology, there is what is known as the composite chart. This is a chart that is made when 2 people come together and it creates a third entity that is always with those people. It is an energy field that can draw entities to the couple, and then they might behave in different ways to how they behave when they are apart.

There are religious group-entities and our 'worship', or meditating can run the risk of feeding into those groups, who have their spheres of influence on the lower levels of the heaven worlds. Whole bubbles of reality with churches and temples and whatnot.

I imagine there are political entities, and pretty corrupt ones at that. It is probably very hard for new MPs NOT to have the influence of these entities slowly creep into their auras as they meet in Parliament.

National entities, regional entities? The entity hanging over the whole Middle East region must be an extremely potent one who embeds Himself deeply into the psyche of the different nations, perpetuating the hatred and the horror.

Thank you Ritchs for the thread rating.


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