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Originally Posted by omnisense View Post
My point was demons are technological facades IMHO. That is my belief. As I said, beliefs are fallible. But weighing the evidence of my life and research, that is my current conclusion.

These technologies are barely known by anyone. No big source covers them in depth. There are only corners of the internet that has the more deeper capabilities of the technologies used. Nobody has really presented the hypothesis that covert technology accounts for the very real phenomenon of mind influence, and dark ETs had used technologies on the population, all the while fooling people of the true source.

After being fooled of the true source of my own experiences plenty of times(as some may remember when i signed up to this forum, I thought greys and reptilians were torturing me, instead of sources like the CIA), I have come to know these technologies potency.

Not a single being with a brain and body is a match for the most sophisticated artistry of these technologies(if they are naive, and everybody is naive to these techs pretty much). Only once educated of their capability is one even anywhere near even playing field vs this stuff(or if they have exopolitical protection leveling the playing field). Even then, the level of immersion and control possible via technology is very precise and sometimes even informed people are fooled very profoundly by these technologies.

Analytical thought can be negated and synthesized while beliefs and judgments are implanted, all the while giving someone profound life changing experiences. This develops a deep programming of the beliefs, and challenging that programming with truth often causes triggers instead of enlightenment of that truth...

I do like how you do not attack me dave. Thanks for that. Usually people take shots at me in debate. So it's refreshing.

An art I made recently:
I respect your opinion omni

Thanks for taking the time for sharing all that you have not only here but in many other threads also.

I doubt many members really value how much time and effort you put in to getting this kind of information out there.
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