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Originally Posted by omnisense View Post
In many cases I agree. However sometimes there are exopolitical protections for people until they get their major body of work done. Then they are free game. I bet I die before 60, and will probably be murdered and/or slow killed. I have been told as much via electronic telepathy, it doesn't stop me. I look forward to death so I do not fear it.

I have felt several electronic attacks to my heart for example. One time I walked 1 block after getting my heart attacked, and felt like I would die. My body is in very bad shape from all the scalar/sonic and microwave/RF attacks I have sustained.

Oh and don't forget torture. If somehow you are protected from assassination by ET friends, torture and sacrifice is pretty much a given(whether you know the source of such or not).
Interesting post.

With out giving to much of my story away (because i believe it to be counter productive to my cause)

I ''knew'' from an early age To keep my self to my self -I was told to do so by what i call ''The unknown'' i was shown things and taught things.

Then i was abused 11 days later because of what i had come to learn - I was told i would never remember who was to blame and why the abuse took place

The same group /connections to that group have suddenly re appeared in my life and they are so dam sure of themselves that i dont remember.

So ive been presented with The group who caused my suffering by The unknown.

This will attract their attention

The only way you get rid of evil is by killing it.....How does one kill an entity?
You cant untill they are fully embodied in the body they have chosen.

This is why exorcisms are pretty pointless in the bigger picture.

exorcism only rids the person of the entity It does not destroy them.

There have been many people as in humans who have attacked me on all levels of existence but one.

Those people now have to deal with severe paranoia because they know i know.

You are right omni im a benevolent kind being
But only to my kind
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