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Leaving time travel aside ... I think you ,I , and most of the researchers agree on all the important things....

A secret elite have technology way advanced than the the public know, many UFO s seen are piloted by military, the elite have been trading with ET's for many decades selling humans, have bases on mars and the moon... And there are more ETs than you can shake a stick at !

The constant bickering over weather the 'avian' have pink feathers or blue feathers or if they exist at all is neither here nor there , and gives the onlooker the idea that we all disagree and it's all BS.

It's a similar thing in the conspiracy (truther) movement as a whole ...people focus on where they disagree.... some think missiles hit the towers (9/11), some think nothing hit, and planes, were edited in for TV, but we all agree on the essentials...who did it and why.

People new to this subject , see all the argument, and run away thinking it's a mess, when in reality we have it all done and dusted, except for the fine details.

What is badly needed in the truther movement is a Declaration to the people.... A document drawn up , listing the main essential points of the situation facing humanity, and the way forward.

People like Icke , Jones , Smringmier , Maxwell, Casssidy, and the many others can put their mark of aprovall on it , and it can be presented to the world as a declaration... This would be guaranteed to get attention and bring unity and clarity.
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