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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
As I said ,om , I didn't know who this guy was 2 days ago , so, of course , I'm still letting all this information settle in, and have an open mind.

Regarding him not being MILAB... I don't think he ever says that he was, (MILAB being short for Military Abduction)... he was never abducted...he was approached at school, and signed up.
MILAB is the term he uses. His twitter bio reads:

MILAB Recruit into Multiple Black Ops Programs & SSP Experience 17 + 20 Years Experience - 1976-1987 (w/recall work done in 89 - Present). Corey/GoodETxSG
As for this in fighting , he may well have personality flaws, but then his overall story may be true
He certainly has personality flaws. Anyone who questions him becomes an enemy. The whole reason he flipped on me is because I would say views that contradict his. Instead of replying reasonably in debate, he launched a slander campaign. He also launched slander campaigns against Kerry Cassidy, Bill Ryan, and theruiner(He actually accused me of being theruiner as well). Probably Alfred Webre as well. At least he's calling lots of people an "AI Prophet" now instead of just me

It would help if you gave us your opinion of who/what he is .... was he never recruited at 6 years old? which part of his story is a lie?
I do not know his true history. I just know he is a military asset from his slander campaign against me. Nobody would do what he did without influence from the cabal IMHO. I am a truth teller in areas that are not yet known even to the most conspiracy researched people. I discuss very sensitive information on my websites.

Funny this... I was actually contacted via microwave hearing prior to him slandering me. A black ops agent informed me "There will be a reaction to publishing so much sensitive information on your blog". A short time later corey was interviewed, and said in his first interview he knows of a AI infected person who a sentient sovereign world destroying alien AI was in control of. That person was me. This caused dozens if not hundreds of people to turn on me. It is no coincidence that this happened. I was blatantly TOLD it would happen, by the same source that is behind corey goode IMHO. The US military.

I can't imagine he's mind controlled by the NWO, since he's exposing their crimes, slave trading.... warning us they're trying for limited disclosure to protect themselves.
My friend you have a lot to learn about mind control. If anything conspiracy researchers, experiencers, MILABS, and alt media people are bigger mind control targets than the sheeps. The sheeps do not require that much attention. They are that stupid organically. However the real threats are mind controlled to spread disinformation, or to shoot themselves in the foot.

The name of the game with mind control for alt media sources is either make them a disinformation asset, or suppress/character assassinate them as much as possible. Corey is an asset IMO, where I am a suppression target.

There are countless people pushing conspiracy informations that are mind controlled IMO. I know these technologies very well. I was completely mind controlled out my wig for some years, where they fooled me of all sorts of mind control program oriented things. After I came out the other end, and recovered from all the infiltration, I became a weapon against the psy ops they had fooled me of. It gave me first hand experience to be able to detect disinformation very well.

Corey, like all disinformation sources, does have some truth IMHO. Without the truth mixed in disinformation is not nearly as effective.

He is known for data mining and taking credit for that information. For example his information on channeling being from technology(sometimes) I am 90% sure came from my own testimony. The only people saying channeling can be done by AI up until about a year or two ago on the internet I know of, was me and Tom Montalk. Suddenly after reading my posts about AI channeling and AI influence he starts talking about AI channeling. Ironic he may get info from someone he launched a slander campaign against.

I would advise listening to the video yourself, it may adjust your position, or you can point out where he's wrong.
I wont give his videos another view. Sorry. I would rather watch this video for 10 hours than support him:

I'm not saying he doesn't have some truth. He does. Which most of it is likely data mined IMO. I know he lies, embellishes, and has faulty ethics from his slander and lies about myself. I wont waste my time examining his info further than I already have.
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