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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
Have started watching this video for the second time....

Interview starts 4:15.... Corey first came to the attention of the authorities at the age of 6 when tests at school showed he had gifts in the area of becoming an 'intuitive empath ' ... he talks of being on a large space craft, Stingray,with other children, this ship has a capacity of around 600.

At some unspecified age , he signs up for a 20 year tour of duty, from 1976-96. At the end of this he was age regressed, or 'de-aged' ( a long process where the subject has to keep perfectly still).... mind wiped and sent back to earth.

3-5% of those mind wiped , often empaths, regain their memories, Corey is one of these.

The start of the secret space program started in earnest in the 1950's with the brain brain as cover. From many different countries, millions of exceptional people were offered jobs in America, many were recruited to go off world "mandated to have children off world'"...

0:26 commercial break... restart 30;00
He also said in 2012 on the Avalon forum that he has no memories of being a MILAB and chalks any idea of it up to watching too many movies. Then on his blog in 2015 he says he was a MILAB and they are not recovered memories(Or used to before this got exposed).
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