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Originally Posted by eurosianguy View Post
That sound like a pretty nice mix. I am renting a house atm so I can or will not go overboard with the gardening, but this time next year I will own a house and then its planting time.
I heard good things about comfrey but I live in spain and I am not sure if its to hot for it there. Maybe just grow it in the winter like I do pak choi and spinach. It should be great for kompost and the soil here deff need some mulching and some compost mixed in it so its something I will have to look into
We have the tall broad leaf variety which the bible bees really like, as soon as it flowers they are at it, we counted several hundred on it one day.

Comfrey is really good for a aching back, bruise the leaves and pour boiling water over them between two paper towels and once cool enough to touch place on the lower back, works wonders for me.

Ground elder grows around our outer path in profusion and also makes superb compost if you cut it regularly before it flowers, really good.
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