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Another face on Mars.

Mars Global Surveyor
The Second "Face" on Mars
Winding Valley in Libya Montes
MOC Image M02-03051

It took a while for us to find this second famous face that has been floating around the internet for some time as no site save one that we found lists the source image. With thousands to go through without the number its like a needle in a haystack. Pegasus will always provide source of the original whenever its available. Malin Space Science Systems (MSSS) MOC narrow-angle image M02-03051 of unusual face-like surface feature in valley of Libya Montes near equator on Mars, approximately 275 degrees West and 2.66 degrees North. Image released by MSSS on May 22, 2000. To find this feature, it is approximately 3/4 of the way down the unmapped lossless gif just below the sharp pyramid like lines... The image above is taken directly from the raw data Contrast and gamma adjusted... Zoomed in... This face is a much better argument for inteligent design than the other face on Mars. Though pitted by a few craters this one shows remarkably fine detail and symetry, WITHOUT adjusting or adding to the image as is done on the other face. Colorized... This image stands alone and is clear enough that if it was indeed modeled after a living entity, one would be able to recognize this individual...
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