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Originally Posted by aitch View Post
Because he is kinda nuts ?? Blossom did the same thing too remember !!

Interesting ..... maybe he has a psychological problem ..... or just wants to feel he is "important" ??
Acting in denial does not work anymore.

Stop trying to inflame opinions and move this to the rant room. Grow up and top being a illuminati patsy. If you don't have any useful knowledge to give then why post? Why undermine and discredit people and researchers when you don't even know them. At least give them the respect they deserve.

As for predictions, well anyone with an operational brain cell would see that puting dates on things can never be correct. But for the record, in the moon mars lecture was very close about 9/11 (saying august 2001 and a global ritual sacrifice/offering to the gods) - but then so what? You seem to want all the predictions to come true??! Do you want all the earthquakes, nwo, death and destruction, etc. If predictions don't come true that is a good thing right???!
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