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Exclamation Predictions VS Probabilities

Some people are talking about Alex Collier "making predictions". He didn't make predictions. The events he was talking about were only probabilities:

"Now at this time I would like to address the predictions or prophetic accuracy. First off the Zenetae Andromedan's are a very scientific race. So they know that the future is not set in stone, but is real since they come from the future. Alex does not refer to information that they have told him to share of future events as anything but probability. Not prophetic and not predictions! By probability they recognize that events can be change before and even as they take place by those are involved. They would explain this in terms of percentages of probability.

Now I also know that at times a tool they would use on dire statements made were also used to try and get us on this planet who kept up with this stuff to basically put it out towards the masses in hopes that those who were going to do something bad and that monitored our information would get cold feet and change their minds about events because they just might get caught if people started saying that it had been foretold before hand. If you think on that it makes sense."

- Jon Robinson
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