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Exclamation Collier's lectures in 2002 and 1996

Collier's "final" lecture in 2002 before his "retirement" from the UFO circles (Collier continued to share his information in 2007):

"An Andromedan perspective on galactic history":

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

You can get this lecture about our galactic history in a video format by ordering the DVD from TeslaTech. From TeslaTech you can also order two other Collier's lectures: A short lecture from the same day in 2002 and a full lecture filmed in 1996. You can pay the DVDs with PayPal so you don't need a credit card.

The three lectures in the Global Sciences Congress DVD catalog:

August 1996:
G96204: Alex Christopher (Collier's name is written wrong here) - The Andromenans – Connection to Our Past

August 2002:
G02109: Alex Collier - Whispers of the Past
G02122: Alex Collier - Defending Sacred Ground Among the Stars (Pt 1)
G02123: Alex Collier - Defending Sacred Ground Among the Stars (Pt 2)

The DVD catalog of the Global Sciences Congress (1987-2002):

... Or the pdf-version:

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