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Exclamation Upcoming information from Alex Collier

Collier was one of the speakers on a Earth Transformation - Japan Tour in 2007 which was held in three cities. The final lectures of this tour were filmed and they are promised to be free online in the future:

Collier is working on a science fiction film trilogy so you can presume these films are going to be related with his contactee information:

"Alex Collier and his longtime associate Jon Robinson have been working on a science fiction film trilogy revolving around a character named Captain Denar. The storyline may include material related to Collier by the Andromedans. For a brief synopsis, visit his wife's website, as she is co-producing the trilogy through her film company, Cowboy's Sweetheart Films".

- UFO, October 30, 2008

Cowboy's Sweetheart Films:

Collier is also rewriting his book Defending Sacred Ground and the new book will be available in the near future:

"As well, Collier is winding up a rewrite of the original, 'Defending Sacred Ground', which Collier feels will be better organized, more informative, and offer additional Andromedan-related material.

According to Mrs. Collier, 'The original DSG was a compendium of lectures and interviews done over a 3 year period. Alex was not part of the process in putting any of the original book together. In fact, Alex didn't even know that a book had been published until a nurse contacted him wanting to buy the book directly. To his surprise DSG had been sold five months prior to his knowledge. So, yes, Mr Collier is rewriting DSG Book Two.' And according to Alex, the book 'will be available within the next 6 months'".

- UFO, October 30, 2008

Collier updates, UFO

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