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Thanks for posting those links.

He is in seclusion these days although he did do a lecture in 2008. When asked why he went away he said it was for personal reasons and there were things that the Andromedans didn't tell him about so he stopped cummmunication with them. Although he claims that now he is making contact with them again.

I think for the most part his stuff is correct. Certainly his material on history and Lyra and the reptilians is correct. See Swerdlow's material as well as it corrolates with is own knowledge whilst in montauk project.

His info surely beats the new age crap out there. In the powerful moon mars lecture he could tell the mind control on Yelm which is a programming center and the likes of Knight/Ramtha and the truth about Channelling which is related to a fragmented mind and alters coming forward.

Alex Collier also warned about California that it would break up into seperate islands. And that people should leave. Its a common theme back in the 1990s from Psychic communications that California would break away from the mainland. See the "We are the earthquake generation" book. Although all this was predicted for the later years of the 1990s. But does not mean that it is not going to happen. Scientists say that the Pacific North West is one of the dangerous areas to live in the world with the Cascadia Subduction Zone - when it starts to move it will produce widespread damage. Los Angelos also sits on or near a subduction zone. Seattle and Los Angelos are going to be destroyed. Vancouver is also a dangerous area to be and will experience a lot of damage. See here:
Back on topic: All of Alex, Stewart and David's stuff is recommended.

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