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Originally Posted by grandmasterp View Post
Just looked it up online and it says that we pay 13.86 pence per KwH that is 17 US cents according to Google converter.
Frankly that KwH thang means nothing at all to me.
As long as the electric works I am happy.
I know the masonic muncher from Skegness is no longer with us, but we don't make the most of our electricity like we could do, most of us that is, without it I would have to work ten times harder that I do, and I could do it if I had too.

A single barrel of gas or oil enables a tenfold advantage over nature where raw energy is concerned, it would take the energy of twelve grown adults working for a whole season to break even.

What I'm trying to say is get what one needs now before they begin rationing it again, here is where the energy is used as a leverage tool against those devoid of real life skills and planning, TPTB have done it before and will probably do it again, including strikes, check out what the post office are up to lately.
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