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When I was a young man I lived in a communal type setting at a large mansion setting, here the owner made his own batteries from lead sheet and glass fish tanks. As the lead debris fell to the bottom and started connecting the plates together he lifted off the array of plates and cleaned them out or solder in new plates.

That said the large batteries that electric vehicles like milk floats and forklifts are pretty expensive to buy new, around 4 grand a piece, so making your own design is a viable option to go into.

Eventually it will be almost impossible to buy the sulfuric acid to put in them, unless you know how to make your own.

A generator is the other option running on either red diesel or propane conversion.

In an emergency situation i would opt for living and coping in daylight as nature's does, here she can always thrive in season and so could we.

One often thinks that when it's dark you cannot see but the light from a log fires is enough at night to see each other and comfort the mood.

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