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Originally Posted by reverendjim View Post
and that is the practical view of being off grid. being prepared for keeping up some kind of basics if the grid goes down
I understand this view. its a good middle way to go to use the grid partly but be able to survive without it. However I feel with my ultimate goal it goes beyond being able to survive if something happened to the grid, and what the price for grid electricity is, to enjoying the thought of producing my own in itself, and not contributing to the companies that provide it on mass and create the energy in the ways they do. I'm not saying all of the intentions of the companies are evil. I suppose basically if there's something I'd otherwise be paying companies for that I can do myself, with minimal impact, I will try. I'm not against paying people to do things when I need it. I don't drive for example.

I could see why wanting to be that way could be seen as impractical or un important when it comes down to it but I would find it quite satisfying, I think.

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