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Originally Posted by grandmasterp View Post
We pay £99 a month for electricity on a standing order.
Usually we end the year with a small credit which rolls over to the next year.
The electricity company estimates how much we should pay each year and we just pay what they ask monthly 'in front'.
Not sure how that compares to others but this is a largeish detached old house and maybe not as energy efficient as newer homes might be insulation-wise.
I don't think that it is too bad. Our old place cost more for the electric -but it was a lot bigger.
We are off the gas grid as there is no mains gas to this village so we use oil fired central heating and that is really cheap with oil prices still being quite low.
500 litres costs about £230 it has just gone up again. When we came here that was £160 to fill the tank from half empty to full. We use about 1,500 litres a year depending on if it is a hard or a mild winter. We get a discount on our oil by being in an oil club with neighbours, we order a tanker for one delivery so they only have to deliver the one time to a whole bunch of us.
we call that being on a budget. i do that too. our electric is priced by the time of day. anywhere from 7 cents per kwh to 20 cents per kwh. of course when you need it most the price is higher. if it weren't for that the average would be 14 cents per kwh but in reality its more like 17 cents per kwh. its been a while since i crunched my numbers. pretty hard to compare especially with exchange rates.
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