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Originally Posted by tom bombadil View Post
It is an odd thing. As I sit here, in my rented place, in the warm with everything on the back burner here in Wales, I have another life back in the big smelly (London) that is the opposite. There its a work mentality (for the man, boooooo) along with a make do mentality.

By that, in London I am not in a position to anything green other than have a reduced footprint (the footprint scam is nonsense in my view, but it shows you here a point of reference) and its all about work. I spend a good percentage of my time at the mo in london working. Every holiday and long weekend I am here in Wales. In london I CANT go green with all the wasted time I have. In wales I have small time to plant and do the basics like grow and build.

With so many plans and ideas, I sometimes think I am going mad as I find little time for any.

Ever the optimist though, I am patient.

I will get to make that pine tea within 2017. But it can wait for now. But on a plus note, I have found one huge pine tree on or land. It is around 60ft, and I only just found it a few weeks ago after owning the place for two years. Heh. I hope its the right type of pine

Edited to add...that the first thing I instantly did was to make a path to it, clear the area of low 'poke you in the eye' branches, clear a little of the ground around, and in general get ready for the magic mushrooms to spout!
pine isn't common there? i would think white pine is the best but i dont know that theres a difference. we have mostly white pine and a fair amount of red much pine. all kinds. boreal forest here with some deciduous mixed forest. lots of mushies in the cow pastures...and school yards lol. do you go past blackawton on your way? my grandfather came from there. he and his brother came to canada way back.

edit: lol, i guess you dont go past blackawton. i looked at maps.

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