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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
You've understood the position ,'s all about batteries , they have a life measured in discharge cycles ... so if you empty them almost fully , and charge them up each day you'll be lucky to get one year out of lead acid car batteries (cheapest) ... deep cycle more expensive last a bit longer ... Never as long as 2 years if fully worked !! (I can find the links if you doubt me , and I speak from experience)

The only way to get payback is to get grid tie inverters and push your power back into the grid , it makes the meter turn backwards , no batteries , if you buy carefully maybe 10 year payoff .... panels continue to deliver about 80% after 25 years.... perhaps 65% when 30 years old.

I have 6kw panels , but only got then for if the grid might not be there ,breakdown of civilization ...

The best plan is to run freezers/refrigerators direct from panels , no batteries , if an overcast day (panels only give 15% ) the fridge still stays fairly cool .
and that is the practical view of being off grid. being prepared for keeping up some kind of basics if the grid goes down.

our whole surrounding area just got new transmission and distribution upgrades. what a difference. further down the shore and over in the annapolis valley has been having outages from storms and we are just buzzing away through it all. a vast improvement over three years back. but i still have back up
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