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Originally Posted by herbrobert View Post
I completely agree. And it is for these reasons that all channeled information should be regarded as highly suspect (in my humble opinion). Any 'entity' (guide) that acts as an intermediary between you and source (that which you are) is, by definition, acting to separate you from source itself.

As far as I am aware he's never addressed the issue. I remember this very topic being discussed on this forum back in 2012 with many members questioning his integrity.

I also wonder whether he is unwittingly being controlled by negative energies.

Not only that, but 'Love changes everything' is no longer listed on his website and hasn't been since at least 2012 where it was stated (rather conveniently) as out of stock. In the book he states he ''communicates daily with Rakorski" (St Germaine - an ascended master)'.
Hi. My deceased wife was a native Sapmi, and had a cultural heritage based on and built on speaking with and interacting with the dwellers that live beyond Spitsbergen beyond the North pole, slightly inside of Earth, called under-worldly. They are giants, survived the first deluge, they live for hundreds of years just as told in our Bible, and are first and foremost educated within the disciplines of music, emotions, and constructions which are harmonious with the Earth herself.

My wife felt that David got in contact with our relatives under the surface, but that he didn't know, and didn't understand who they where. He seemed to think space-beings, when in fact there is no life outside of Earth and her boundaries.

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