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Very interesting, but let's unpack this for those who need the detail.

There are a number of rare earth magnets. Which are you referring to? I'm assuming you mean neodymium, but there are also various grades of turfenol.
How big should they be?
Is there a recommended magnetic field strength - more than 1 tesla or less? Too strong may have other consequences.
How long must it be stuck to the transponder site? Hours, days, indefinitely?
Do the magnets actually 'suck out' the (alien?) implants, and if so how long does this take? (Are there any photos of this, since there are so many implants someone somewhere will surely have taken a photo of one stuck to a magnet to prove a point.)

There's a lot of weird stuff out there and as someone familiar with this subject perhaps you could address the above points - people are concerned.

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