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Lightbulb Tavern of Intoxication

Nimatullahi Sufi order..
I am the wine-giver of the stalwarts of the Magian tavern of ruin; I am the warmth of the hearts of all people, be they believers or not...

The Sufi has no miracles but that of non-existence; Who am I? I am the sign and the manifestation of non-existence..

When drunk and without self, I rule the realm of existence, When I come back to myself, I am less than that which is least...

Sum Occult scholars consider the name "Baphomet" to be a deformation of the Latinised "Mahomet", a mediæval European rendering of Muhammad, the name of the Prophet of Islam.. Accusations of worshipping Baphomet therefore meant that the Templars were being accused of being secret Muslims...

Montevideo, Uruguay...

In his book, "The Sufis", Idries Shah theorized that Baphomet was really a corruption of the Arabic term "Abufihamat" meaning "Father of Understanding." If this is the case, and the Templars had adopted Sufism into their rituals this possible etymology of Baphomet could simply imply God..Additionally, Shah suggests the Sufi terminology "ras el-fahmat" which translates to "head of knowledge."..

"Gauserand de Montpesant, a knight of Provence, said that their superior showed him an idol made in the form of Baffomet; another, named Raymond Rubei, described it as a wooden head, on which the figure of Baphomet was painted, and adds, "that he worshipped it by kissing its feet, and exclaiming, 'Yalla,' which was," he says, "verbum Saracenorum," a word taken from the Saracens.. A templar of Florence declared that, in the secret chapters of the order, one brother said to the other, showing the idol, "Adore this head—this head is your god and your Mahomet."..

On April 15, 2014, the Moon passed through the southern part of the Earth's umbral shadow.. It was visible over most of the Western Hemisphere, including east Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific ocean, and the Americas.. In the western Pacific, the first half of the eclipse occurred before moonrise.. In Europe and Africa, the eclipse began just before moonset.. Mars, which had just passed its opposition, appeared at magnitude -1.5 about 9.5° northwest of the Moon..Spica was 2° to the west, while Arcturus was 32° north. Saturn was 26° east and Antares 44° southeast..Charleston, West Virginia, 7:44 UTC - Minneapolis, Minnesota, 7:46 UTC - San Jose, California, 8:23 - End of totality..

He gave me the goblet which reveals the world And said “Here, take a drink of this wine.”... on the road said: "Take us to Madre"..Do you think that..that I am..That I am truly a frightful man?.You think maybe I am...a monster?..Soon to have offspring, start it all over...
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