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Arrow Little Green Men

According to the series mythology, an extraterrestrial lifeform, known in the series' mythology simply as the Colonists, were originally present on Earth in the early stages of human evolution.. They highly resemble the well-known "grey aliens" in their mature form.. In their immature stage, they are more yellowish colored, tall, and very aggressive, possessing fangs, claws and scale-like texture of their skin.. This immature form is a protective stage, able to viciously defend itself from birth. This outer skin is eventually shed when the alien develops into its mature form.. The immature form resembles that of a reptilian extraterrestrial and is referred to as the "long-clawed" form...The aliens were forced to abandon the planet during the last ice age as their viral lifeforce is deactivated by extreme cold.. Upon their departure, they left behind underground deposits of the black oil virus, in preparation for their return. The virus apparently contains the aliens' genetic blueprints, awaiting reconstitution when the master species returns to Earth. While away from Earth, the Colonists evidently sought out life throughout the universe in an effort to subdue other species and take over the universe.. Purportedly, the Colonists planned on returning to Earth in the year 2012, as The Smoking Man later remarks to Fox Mulder that the ancient Mayans were so terrified that they stopped their calendar on the exact date of colonization: December 22, 2012.. The Colonists eventually returned to Earth in 1947 when one of their ships crashed in New Mexico due to exposure to magnetite in the surrounding rocks. Shortly after this event, a select few power brokers, mainly in the United States and the Soviet Union (though some also came from other nations), first learned of the Colonist plot to retake the planet.. These men eventually formed the Syndicate; they included the Well-Manicured Man , The Smoking Man, and Bill Mulder , among others..The Syndicate threatened to destroy the Earth with nuclear weapons, thereby resulting in the planet becoming uninhabitable to the Colonists due to extreme cold.. As such, humanity was spared immediate invasion, and The Syndicate began negotiations with the Colonists. In 1973, an alliance was created and an agreement was reached that a small group of humans would be allowed by the Colonists to survive by becoming alien-human hybrids...

In biology a hybrid is an offspring of two animals or plants of different races, breeds, varieties, species, or genera..According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word is derived from Latin hybrida, meaning the "offspring of a tame sow and a wild boar", "child of a freeman and slave", etc.. The term entered into popular use in English in the 19th century, though examples of its use have been found from the early 17th century..In the Bible, the Old Testament contains several passages which talk about a first generation of hybrid giants who were known as the Nephilim.. The Book of Genesis (6:4) states that "the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them". As a result, the offspring was born as hybrid giants who became mighty heroes of old and legendary famous figures of ancient times.. In addition, the Book of Numbers (13:33) says that the descendants of Anak came from the Nephilim, whose bodies looked exactly like men, but with an enormous height. According to the apocryphal Book of Enoch the Nephilim were wicked sons of fallen angels who had lusted with attractive women...Regionally developed ecotypes can be threatened with extinction when new alleles or genes are introduced that alter that ecotype.. This is sometimes called genetic mixing...'s a global conspiracy, actually, with key players in the highest levels of phower..AIDS, the Ebola virus, the common cold... on an evolutionary scale they are newborns.. This virus walked the Earth long before the first dinosaurs appeared. Your aliens, your little green men arrived here millions of years ago...

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