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If she left at 15 years hasnt anybody asked where the.fuck were her parents and how do they feel about a bit of jihad for the cause of Allah ?

The UK has a big problem on its hands and its parrly of its own making and partly not.

It can do.something about both but it would require.leadership with spine working for the british people

Bit instead what you get is je suis traitor may and nothing to see here corbyn both of then.weak and.withered looking people

It such a shame

Meanwhile did you know a christian street preacher was arrested for breaching the peace in london the orher day ?

He was also called racist as the pig took hia bible off him

Hes also black and the police accused him of being islamaphobic as well

THAT is london 2019

Want it changed ?

You are not alone.
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It's symbolic of his struggle against reality
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