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Originally Posted by madbomber View Post
There's a thought. I'll dress her up in a Burkah and get her to learn a bit of Arabic for the immigration official.

Funny thing is that when we lived in the UK, she was working thirty hours a week as well as studying for a post-graduate degree. She didn't want to leave Britain but I could not find a decent paying job anywhere. It was just at the tail-end of John Major's stint as PM and it was tough making ends meet.
there are people who coach migrants how to pretend to be an asylum seeker. They were exposed by an undercover reporter

According to them you need to give a sob story and give a show of being deeply upset and just claim that you are not safe where you just came from and then they'll wave you in with a free pass for the gravy train curtesy of the british taxpayer

And you can claim that you are a child even if you look like you are thirty and they won't even check to see if you are telling the truth
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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