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Default Well that is what I was thinking too about the..

Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
I believe you're correct there, but Om says....

"I was inducted into what was presented to me as the illuminati. "...

I don't for one moment believe it was the illuminati ...... I'm sure Om has his doubts.
But it doesn't follow that we should " doubt the veracity of his story" , most likely the story is being recounted as it occurred.

I would imagine people like madona, lady ga ga are told their part of the illuminatti . My understanding is , it's all about bloodline, oboma isn't one of them, I would calcify him as 'NWO', someone who is working for them.
..pint of milk.

...but his perceptions are his perceptions. They may not be right.
The government has mind controlled him a lot.
Ya you have to be one of those bloodliners .

SO all the other ppl are just workers for the illuminati. Like Obama, Madonna etc.

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