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Originally Posted by omnisense View Post
It's complicated and I don't know all the reasons. I think extraterrestrial interest in me was part of why the shadow government had some extra interest in me at some point...

They told me if I go against them I will find money hard to get, and if I go with them, it will come easily.
Ya all this stuff is very complicated.

I believe you.

I thought there were only 6K Illuminati ppl? AND they are at the tip top of the pyramid? That is what D I said.

But if you go lower then ya some of those ppl can be part of it too.

They just won't be as rich or knowledgable.

At work they gave all of us the illuminati pyramid , an ink highlighter pen.

The top tips are clearly marked. Those are the top dogs (6K ppl).

I know no government is messing with me but sometimes, when an E t comes through and talks to me so clearly and nice, sometime I gotta wonder if the E ts are working with the government somehow and they probably know all info the e ts give to me.

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