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Originally Posted by omnisense View Post
This may come as a shock to some people here, and I have never posted about this on the icke forum to my memory... But here it is... I haven't really written much about my story on my blog. This is the first post about my story on it so far, but wont be the last. In it includes my experiences with the US shadow government faction of the illuminati... Before anyone skips reading this and assumes I am claiming to be an illuminati insider, or have been complicit with them, I would firmly say both are untrue. I have never been complicit with their agenda, and I do not term myself an illuminati insider, although I could have been one if I played my cards differently.............

Full Article:

Source Link:

WOW!! That s pretty cool!!!

So you were inducted because of mind control purposes only??

Or because you had the special talent in music??

Like you pieces of the puzzle start falling together.
Like when the female E t told me all my vrs/lucid/ dreams were created for me ALL My LIFE.

I was like "that makes so much sense". I remember lucid dreams with VRS elements going back 30+ years.

SO you were gonna get lots of money for being inducted??
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