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Originally Posted by grenadene View Post
Excellent but I'm crap at thread titles so you'll have to make it, beside no one listens to women I'll meet you there because this thread is too important to hijack I look around at my fellow town folk most days and wonder what I'm going to do with them all. The older ones will be far more prepared, most of the ones I know have stacks of food put away. Wise old souls.

No one listens to a woman ?


there were ten soldiers absaling down a rope from an army helicopter . 9 men and 1 woman .
on the way down the rope began to give way and fray .
the comander at the bottom stopped dead in his tracks as did every one else .
he shouted "this rope is going to break , if one man person doesnt give their life and drop to the ground we will all die"
the woman hearing this shouted out a speech.
she quickly spoke about how she should give up her life because men are the superior sex and woman always sacrifice for men .
the men were so touched by this speech they all clapped .

never underestimate the power of a woman is the morral behind this story .

But I shall defo consider making one real soon .

this thread is good though isnt it .

much jedi in this subject meees thinks .

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