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Originally Posted by hagbard_celine View Post
I know, and I'm very glad I didn't come across this LHC information before I discovered David's ideas (If I'd been a kid this would have killed me! The idea of nukes and supernovas etc desroying the world used to fuck my childhood head up!)
sorry for going of topic a bit but its funny you say this,i used to think it was just me but i had a conversation with a group of friends a few years back,and it turns out we all had this problem when we where kids,im not even sure if it was nightmares or paranoid delusions or what,as a teenager i just rote it off as maybe i was exposed to scifi movies at a young age or something,but shock horror when a couple of years ago i walked in to my mates house and they where all having a conversation about this verry subject and it turnes out we all had this same problem as kids,strange or what.
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