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Originally Posted by lottie View Post
HC....has it crossed your mind as it has mine, that it could be some sort of 'star-gate'?

For some reason this is the vibe im getting, the ritualistic nature of firing her up- the media attention, Im sure the dates will correspond with something dodgy as they always do - syncronistically if not deliberately due to the energy/intention behind the project, and also the arial photo of the LHC looks very stargate-ish!!

Just an idea- but like i say - im getting that vibe....maybe we need someone like tintin and mcmenek to help us decode it??
Yes, that's a distinct possiblity. In fact Lisa Randall says as much in the vid. She says "hidden dimensions may be exposed"! I hope it won't be a scenario like the one in The Mist? I mention it earlier in the thread. Have you seen that film?
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