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Originally Posted by lottie View Post
I think they are cleverer than that HC, why would they risk destroying themselves?

Also- my thoughts are- even if worst case scenario it did create a black hole and the world gets eaten up by itself then would we know about it? We're infinite beings so we'd just start life again on a new plane/dimension? prehaps we'd just continue as normal on another paralell universe? We'll all wake up one morning and everything will be strangely 'different'!!!
I know, and I'm very glad I didn't come across this LHC information before I discovered David's ideas (If I'd been a kid this would have killed me! The idea of nukes and supernovas etc desroying the world used to fuck my childhood head up!), but I still love the Earth, the animals, plants, other people; I see them as very precious things and I'd hate to see them destroyed.

According to Wagner we may well know about it first. He says in his affadavit in the Hawaii lawsuit that a runaway stranglet explosion would be very quick, but the MBH scenario might take up to "50 months", with the Earth slowly being eaten away from the inside. Earthquakes would break out as the crust fractures, getting worse and worse. We'd know it was happening and have to watch at least the start of the process.
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