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Originally Posted by hagbard_celine View Post
Illustrated radio show of Professor Walter Wagner on C2C:

This subject is starting to freak me out! I've been watching these vids:

Does this desperate "Gotterdammerung" action mean that we're getting close to freedom? It's not fair! We're so close! Karl Marx used to say: "We have a world to win". I'd like to change that to "We have a world to save!"

I think they are cleverer than that HC, why would they risk destroying themselves?

Also- my thoughts are- even if worst case scenario it did create a black hole and the world gets eaten up by itself then would we know about it? We're infinite beings so we'd just start life again on a new plane/dimension? prehaps we'd just continue as normal on another paralell universe? We'll all wake up one morning and everything will be strangely 'different'!!!
Arch-strategist Zbigniew Brzezinski, senior adviser to Barack Obama, stated in a presentation to the highly influential Council on Foreign Relations that "...the greatest obstacle to establishing a One World Government is the rapid political awakening amongst the masses." May 2010.

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