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Originally Posted by ledingue View Post
Then you really should petition Sabine to publish the first 75 pages of the crime report that she omitted. It's just one small extra leak and she's linking to the "funny voice" vids like mad so a bit more illegality shouldn't bother her.

The only "certainty" of which I'm certain is that the kids were coerced into rehearsing and reciting a fabricated story.
I spent 4 days watching all the videos back to back. Twice. And reading up on the related cues and indicators. And the leaked docs. I did this until I reached a point where I was absolutely in no doubt.

If I've said other things that appear "certain" but can't be justified as such then my appologies.
Led why would certain people want to hold back damming info till it suits them.
why wait knowing that its only be a 2 week investigation?. does not make sense.

If they do not produce this damming info, then are they not guilty of withholding evidence?

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