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Originally Posted by ledingue View Post

That fb friend list (oh god! I sound like Sabine's "funny voice" "researcher"!) has a few other names too, mentioned by Tom Cahill. Names he is persuaded are co-opted disinfo agents, spinning divisions and discord among the paedo-exposing alternative internet... (and someone who "works at Witchcraft"..!)

Edit: and his own second profile (am I the only person who doesn't have 2 fb profiles...?) which is like a Tom Cahill reading list...

Funny how that use of "whistleblower" in website names pre-dates Sabine's use of it for the Hoax Noise Machine

Edit: Mr Peacher has 3 profiles... I can see I'm way out of touch with how to use social media!

**For those who are interested but have missed the threads: Araya liked a page -- freedomtalkradio radio was hosting Kevin Annett previously "outed" by Araya as an infiltrator -- radio is hosted by A. Peacher registrant of child...whistleblowers -- Araya, Belinda, Spivey, Doherty, J Hemming MP, Hollie Grieg, and a whole host of groups connected with adoptions etc are connected as friends with one or more of Mr Peacher's fb pages
This girl, I think, was mentioned in the latest funny voice 'facebook' video.

Found this one strange - tag/title and at least one of the comments underneath:

The dad, who was mentioned in funny voice vid:

vvI'm not 'a Truther', I'm an individual.vv

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