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Default Van life AND working...wiv cats! ???

So....I have decided to trade in my beloved roadie (a smart roadster) who has been so much fun, with an Audi estate....with sole intention to convert the back into a kinda camper. My set up will be simple but shit hot I plan to go wild camping around Scotland in it, especially when I move up there in a few weeks, regardless of whether I get the "yes" from my nurse training uni. Im so done here in England.

Then, because its gunna be such a good set up, I am seriously thinking of putting notice on my house and living in my camper car for a few months or more (depends how I get on)

But I have two furry faced individuals to consider.

They wouldnt be an issue if I was permanently in car with them, they would get used to it, but I will be going to work doing 12 hour shifts, especially as a student nurse.

(the more I type the more Im thinking this aint gunna work lol)

I plan on living in car on my drive (its private and my cool neighbours would be wel jel of my den ) just to get cats used to idea I live here now and that its not so bad this get up and its where I will start feeding them.....and food always speaks to their little hearts

I was thinking of being on a campsite the days Im at work and setting up a cat tent for them with their beds in but dunno if this is viable in the cat scheme of things.

Car would be too small for them in there whilst I work espesh as one is a right queen and would stress her out if she couldnt get away from her nemesis

Other issues aside from that are "no fixed abode" BS when applying for a student loan and keeping bank account....and then theres the car insurance with NFA and sleeping in the car.

They really have rigged it

But...then the pluses are self explanatory which is why I'm raking head...I don't wanna rehome or foster but I dont wanna cause them shit either.

Any ideas or has anyone done something similar ?

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