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High Altitude HPM & HEMP Report
By Clay Wilson

South Korea Could Export UVS Missile Technology to the UAE

According to The Korea Times newspaper of Seoul, Defense Minister Kim Tae-young made the commitment during his visit to the UAE in November, to discuss bilateral defense issues. The naval version of the missile, Hyunmoo IIIC is Tomahawk-like cruise missile designed for surface vessels, such as the KDX-III class guided missile destroyers built for the Republic of Korea Navy. is also The newspaper also said Seoul also offered the UAE technologies related to the Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) weapon program under development in Korea. According to the Korean newspaper the EMP program is expected to mature by 2014. Transfer of technologies related to the Hyunmoo III cruise missile could violate of the Missile Transfer Control Regime (MTCR) attempting to limit the worldwide proliferation of missile technology.
The export of unmanned systems could also hit some obstacles since Libya has also expressed interest in the Night Intruder-300 and, if such systems are to be delivered to the UAE, and Libya, South Korea could be required to find an alternative to the ground control segment being used with the system, which currently consists of systems developed by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) for the Searcher II UAV system. The Night Intruder 3000 began development in 2001 and was fielded with the South Korean Army since 2004. Sofar five systems have been produced.

“One national security expert calls it the mega-threat you haven’t heard of. But America’s enemies know all too well about the destructive potential of an electromagnetic pulse attack.”
Electro-Magnetic-Pulses threatens humanity 2010~2012
Geomagnetic Storms to EMP Bomb's, HAARP and THE-WMD & TPTB / Earthquakes / Planetary Alignement + more

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