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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
This is Tony telling his story with another interviewer ... the first few minutes the interviewer gives an excellent summary of the whole story , then Tony gives the account of how he (aged 9) crossed the son of a high ranking illuminati which resulted in him being press ganged into the SSP.
I watched first 4 episodes and fifth ep. on my to-watch playlist.

Where to start... from Peru to Seattle to Moon and Mars then Aries Prime and Ceres...

He tells a interesting story no doubt about that, but it lacks details. Cool storytelling.

For most of things he doesn't remember, wasn't paying attention to details, was too tired/out-of-it, 'superiors'/slave-owners/soldiers/etc. didn't tell him/them anything... etc. etc.

Have you read his book and does he mention this sorts of details in there?
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