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Wink Amber Rudd had this problem with her 27yr old

Is this familiar guys !?

Amber Rudd's daughter flies the nest - to a £3m apartment with library and wine cellar. It is a scenario familiar to many parents: a child who has reached adulthood but is reluctant to leave the comforts of home. Not many parents will have recourse to a £3 million apartment in which to relocate their offspring. However, that is the situation for Amber Rudd, the former Home Secretary, whose daughter has written an article about flying the nest.

Flora Gill has moved into the west London home of Rudd’s late parents, situated in one of the area's finest postcodes. “It was my mother’s suggestion - she was sick of her 27-year-old eating all the food and filling up the Sky box at her place, and claimed to have better things to do than pick up after me.
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