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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
1. Are you awakened? ...In the sense of being awakened to the fact that accepted reality is a facade created by a cabal to enslave us .... YES
No it isn't. You're fast asleep pal.

2. Are you enlightened?.... A Buddhist term , I don't believe there is such a final state as being"enlightened"
In touch with ones inner self.

3. Do you seek the Truth?...Definitely , in all things
Don't be daft. If you sought truth you wouldn't suck up so much gibberish.

"why do you routinely almost wilfully avoid counter evidence?" ... I could equally ask you "why do you willfully avoid the evidence others present???"
You appalling liar!! Pretty much every subject I enter into....I respond to so called evidence. You away every single time.

My Apollo thread has 10 major things and you haven't touched one of them. You sputtered in with the gullible debunked crap about bloody blast craters...duhhhhhh....and you even avoided the reply to it.

Your pet accusation is the people "run away" ... No , they just get fed up with going over and over the same thing , they know you will always be able to find a reply ..
You really ARE a dreadfully dishonest person. You may be able to fool others but you and I both know that you can't explain jack.

NASA has experts on the subjects and they will always have an excuse for anything .. and you will find it with a search ...
Dumb claim. It doesn't need a NASA expert to look at their evidence and see it cannot be faked. It doesn't need a frickin' NASA expert to look at the horseshit "hoax evidence" and see why it is moronic, blatant lies or just piss poor conjecture or opinion. You seem completely oblivious to such a simple thing.

So I rarely now get into protracted arguments , I present my position and let people decide for themselves.
Then run away when it is shown to be bullshit. You also avoid other people's presented position.

You aren't a seeker of truth.....
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