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Originally Posted by Dude111 View Post
Ya I didnt mean to make Gareth mad by my comments above but I guess I did cause he wont reply to my PMs...... I am trying desperatly to save this site. I think its aweful he has decided not to run it anymore and I offered to do it........
Perhaps the most disturbing thing about this changeover was that no members were consulted in anyway... It was a decision made by an unknown management (who never/ rarely post) ... and that's it !!

I find this extraordinary surreal and comical , since it's done in David Icke's name ... someone who has spent his life exposing the hidden controlling elite behind world events ...

This forum should be about showing how things can be done differently .. It is a small part of the universe which David is directing , and surely it should be about participation , and those involved having a say in how things move forward ...

Even in the cabal controlled world there is a pretense of democracy!

If members feel they have no say , it's not their joint creation , they don't feel involved at every level, and they will not participate fully....

Another comical/ surreal twist is that just as the Illuminati power structure is based on family .. so (it appears) is the management structure here!

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