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Originally Posted by lightgiver View Post
Is there any point to keep posting on here then ?..I will not be going over to another forum..time to move on I suppose..
there is a new documentary about david coming out soon and hopefully that will bring in a lot more interest in davids work

This forum has been a battleground though as various narratives have been dissected and debated and this has led to some great insights but its been at times a very ugly process as disputes have become very bitter. Its been in a way a microcosm of the wider problems of society but i'd say we have been at the forefront of making sense of these tensions

As much as i think there's lots of good info from people on this forum now and some threads have become concentrations of information on certain subjects with the potential to really crack some peoples preconceived notions there is a danger that some people will be put off who are new to this area of information by a lot of the bickering and name calling and bad energy that some posters have put out there to soil the waters

Maybe it is time for a fresh start and hopefully one where more people can move past the fake left/right paradigm?

I've always hoped that people would define the problem and that once they had diagnosed the problem they would start theorising about solutions but we haven't been able to get past the diagnosis stage because some people simply refuse to let go of their attachment to the political left failing as they are to realise that both the political right and the political left are both being controlled by the cabal

For this reason many people are still placing their faith in the political system to deliver them from the problems we discuss. This is not what it will do though. What the political left will do is offer a solution to the excesses of the corporations which the right has deregulated and their solution will be centralised control under a technocracy thereby acting as a trojan horse for what has been the elites agenda all along

So who knows maybe new people will join the new forum this year and will bring in some fresh optimism to wash away all the negativity we have seen this last year from people butting heads over certain divisive issues

I have certainly been in the thick of that process and i reason that I have been playing the role of shadow worker by asking difficult questions and turning over rocks some people would rather see left undisturbed. While i see this as a vital part of the diagnosis phase it is also controversial and meets strong resistance from some quarters who are desperate to protect certain narratives

I feel that we have cracked open some difficult topics such as 'political correctness' and weaponised MASS immigration that have proven divisive as people who are still enthrall to the fake-left have aggressively pushed back at claims that these things have been elite orchestrated

Now that we have had those arguments and proven that those things are part of an agenda I hope that as the awakening grows and this documentary is released that more people will tune in and hopefully move the whole process into a new phase

Good luck to the Ickes in all of their endevours and thanks for the wonderful resources that you have put at our disposal
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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