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Political Correctness: A Comprehensive Dictionary of Oblivion
May 25, 2016 By Branko Malić

The death of language

Finally, we propose a hypothesis that political correctness is a method of manufacturing both moral and political consent through “creative destruction” of language. We illustrate the point by analysis of German sustainable development policies, exemplified in document named Dialogue Zukunft, which contains a so called Verbarium, the list of the words which document’s authors want to see decommissioned by the year 2050.

As this document caused quite a stir in Germany, because in the wake of the so-called (i)migrant crisis someone noticed that Verbarium, among other things, deletes any notion of country of origin to be used in the language of future, we discuss the PC aspects of weaponized demographic shifts and media usage of emotionally laden symbols to provoke desired reactions.

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