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Apparently - there are seven types of Geo-Engineering/Chemtrails. There are people who have conducted independent/personal research. Each of the seven types of Geo-Engineering/Chemtrails contains specific ingredients and thus, each will bring about specific reactions.

One might bring on breathing issues such as asthma and skin irritations. Another might bring about influenza type health issues and so on and so forth.

I recall sitting in with my General Practitioner and while he was typing up some notes on his computer I made a comment: Has the surgery seen an increase in respiratory issues and skin issues in the last couple of weeks?

He turned and looked at me with his eyes wide and mouth open - inferring: How did you know that?

It is simply really. I have been watching the skies where I live for years and there is a pattern. Loads of Geo-Engineering/Chemtrails and a day or two later comes the rain.

Just thinking out aloud ....

Much Peace & Much Respect - Amanda
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