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"The biology function of senescence and death is a topic that has long engaged the curiosity of both scientists and lay-men. Following Darwin, increasingly sophisticated development of the theory of evolution through natural selection provided sound logical arguments for the necessity of death. After all, how could a species evolve if no mortalities occurred to remove less-fit phenotypes and free up resources for new generations of better-adapted ones? The death of individuals is the price the species must pay in order to persist and evolve. The continually changing nature of the planet necessitates change if the organisms living on it are to survive. The process of niche-tracking , by which evolutionary changes in species allow adaptation to new environmental challenges, mandates population turnover. Without it, the species would be burdened by increasing number of poorly adaptated individuals whose demands for resources would compete with thoseof individuals more likely to perpetuate the species." (New perspectives in anthropology, P.K. Seth and S. Seth)

Plants, animals and human beings are governed by natural laws. Nature (the true judging "god") can wipe out any species. The judgment is not about good or evil deeds (because nature is neither good nor evil) but it's about being fit to survive and perpetuate life. But it's not men's role to judge which individual or which species is fit or not (look at the atrocities done by extremists such as Hitler).

Our ego thinks of itself as being "god" (the demiurge) and it makes us see everything in black and white, in good and evil... The middle parth is a philosophy that reconciles polarities. Everything that nature does has an objective.

"Once begun Life goes till it's gone. We have to go where it's going." (Then you look at me, Will Jennings)

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