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Originally Posted by megahertz View Post
That's quite a sermon. If it was to show how little you actually know about the book you have succeeded. Rather than go halfway when that 'bedroom door' is opened it comes with a few other goodies beside a 'supper'
Nuff said, . . . Comrade.
So you're saying when you die, you die and you won't be resurrected, judged and either cast into the fire or granted eternal life?

I do wish you, and the other Christians, would write in plain English, instead of waffling on in some incoherent babble of white noise. I understand that you're all trying to make yourselves look intelligent and use as many words as possible without ever actually saying anything of any merit, but it's quite annoying and doesn't make any of you look clever.
Being religious is like being in an abusive relationship. God says - obey me: don't love anyone else: I know what you're thinking: if you leave me I will punish you: you're a terrible person without me: you'll never find anyone as good as me: don't listen to anyone who doesn't understand us: of course I love you!

The amount of energy needed to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it.

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