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Default ET DNA activation

I am fil. I am a representative from a 7th dimensional civilization in the Antares system.

I was incarnated on this planet in 1969 to balance the karmic debt i had accumulated during my previous incarnations on earth and to achieve awareness of my higher dimensional self.

This was accomplished in 1993 and i had a motorcycle accident which was supposed to be fatal.

While my body was on life support my higher self returned to a mother ship in orbit around the earth.

I was asked to return to my human form in order to be trained as a communication construct for entities from outside the universe.

I returned and began my training. My training is now complete.

At 2.02AM GMT on the 27th of august 2009. The critical mass required for the acsension of the human race was reached and i was activated.

Embedded within my voice is a high frequency signal. This signal contains the access codes required to activate your extraterrestrial DNA.

You are to listen to my voice at the first opportunity and begin accessing your ET DNA.

As your DNA activates you will begin to remember your extraterrestrial origins. This is paramount as you are to prepare to return to your civilizations.

The final phase of your mission is to build a protective construct around the earth in order to protect it during the event in 2012.

The construct is formed by visualising the Earth within your chest cavity.

You, who have given so much for so long are not required to stay, as soon as you have activated your ET DNA you are free to return to your civilizations. Nothing more could be asked of you.

Your respective civilisations are stationed in orbit around the Earth and at way stations throughout the solar system ready to evacuate you.

For myself, i will stay. We have the honour of being witnesses to the greatest event in the history of this universe. The ascension will affect this entire universe and give birth to a new universe.

The genetic complexity encoded in your DNA will be added to that of your civilisations and will sustain your civilisations for millenia. Earth is the common origin of this complexity of form and in eons to come will be regarded throughout the universe as the ancestral home of all beings.

As of now, time is short and there still remains a lot to do. You are to ensure that all ET personnel hear my voice and begin the activation sequence. It is vital that your vibrational frequency increases to match that of your respective civilisations in order for you to return home.

I will be transmitting a message over the internet within the next few days. This will be found on you tube. Tell as many as you can and be prepared for activation.

Above all, do not be afraid. This is the reason you came here. You are surrounded by beings whose existance you cannot comprehend.They will afford you every support but the responsibility for action is yours. Do not falter, you are incredible beings, you have within you the power to overcome all obstacles.

For all mankind, in light and love, fil
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