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Originally Posted by cosmic tramp View Post
Out of interest Mr Apprentice, do you use coffee grounds in any application ? Heard a feature on radio about a a UK company that collects up all the used coffee grounds from London cafe outlets - about 750kg a day, which are then sold on for mushroom mulching kits, apparently we only use 1% of the biomass of coffee in our drinking habits. All the gardeners' question time progs. saying that exploring compost potential of coffee grounds is still in it early stages, though it is enjoyed by acid loving plants like Roses, meant to be good slug deterrent too.
We have never tried the coffee model as we are not big coffee drinkers, but have tried the tea leaves trait, it makes good folia feed but still doesn't stop the urban commandos from nibbling.

We have been using copper tools for many years and this has definately had some effect, each time you cut dig or rake the soil it leaves behind tiny traces of copper.

The best effect for slugs is to carefully water your plants in and individually so as not to make it easy for the slugs to travel, by watering the whole garden surface.

The slugs really don't like nettle soup either, a bag full of leaves sunk into a barrel makes good folia feed but is very pungent indeed, needs to be watered down 20 to 1.
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