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The last few days have been cool and I had not ventured out for most of them, but today was quite nice so we decided to spend a full afternoon sticking.

We coppiced an ash tree that was shading out the back part of the garden where the late raspberry stand is situated. First we start cutting from the main but of the timber working back towards the very tips which make excellent fire sticks, we waste absolutely nothing, even the sawdust from the chainsaw is used for dettering the slugs when we scatter it around the base of our strawberry plants to keep them clean and above the soil.

The collection of French, Dwarf and Runner beans we planted about two weeks ago 8n the greenhouse are on their way now, and the first to try of sweet peas are now planted along their climbing fence. And the short climbing eating peas and another variety called Carling are through in the garden climbing rings show earlier.


We sorted the branches of the ash into their different stem sizes and bagged about two months supply of fire lighting sticks.

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Thanks for looking.
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