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Another busy day in the garden area, preparing some ash spiles which are split into four, for making ash axles for the Amish wheelbarrows I make for use in our garden and for charity to use in neighbouring groups.

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The timber came from a local land owner for free and helping him clear a small row of trees so they can build a new barn on the land, he owns our privately run allotment next to the area where I was helping.

First the baulks of timber need cutting to length about a metre long then split into four sections to dry out ready for use this summer. Ash if cut before the end of March splits easily down the length using steel wedges that sit into small slots cut with the tip of the chainsaw.

It is these that I will work with a side axe later into the workable sections a foot long that will be turned to become the wheel axles later. The sun is shining this morning and Mr Robin came down almost at my feet looking for grubs that I have disturbed in the undergrowth, quite trusting little creatures and a wonderful sight in spring.

All in all its been a good mornings self pelf in exchange for an hour or two taking the trees down yesterday.

Synchronicity, reciprocation equals more freedom when your working with the right people.

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Thanks for looking.

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